Thailand – the land of smiles – is one of the most iconic travel destinations awaiting you in Southeast Asia. This is the land of friendly people, of delicious street food, noisy markets and, of course, spectacular scenery.

From cooking classes and cultural immersions in Chiang Mai to bustling night markets and tuk-tuk rides in Bangkok, there are a lot of Thailand all inclusive tours available. Whether it’s island hopping through the country’s pristine islands or trekking through the humid jungles, there’s something to fulfill every taste.

Here are our favorite Thailand tours to inspire your trip to the Land of Smiles.

  1. Bangkok by Night Tuk Tuk Tour: Markets, Temples and Food

Bangkok is a city that never really sleeps; at night, the streets of the Thai capital come alive with noise, sounds and smells flooding the pavements and markets. On this energetic tour, explore Bangkok in an iconic tuk-tuk, the country’s most famous mode of transport.

This tour takes you through the bustling heritage streets of the old city, past famous landmarks and along infamous roads. You will see glorious temples lit up brightly in the dark and enjoy the delights of some of Bangkok’s most delicious street food, in what could be the most authentic tour in the city.

2. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Maeklong Train Market Tour

Thailand is renowned for its busy and bustling markets and you can find packed marketplaces in every village, town, and city across the country. Thailand is home to some of the most unique markets in the world too, including the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and the Maeklong Train Market.

In the early morning, depart Bangkok for the famous Train Market, where you can find one of the largest seafood markets in the country. The market is literally set up on the rail tracks; whenever a train comes through the vendors pack up quickly and move to the side.

After this, the tour takes you to the Floating Market, where you board a small boat to journey through this colorful collection of vendors, enjoying a local lunch on the river.

3. White Orchid River Cruise Bangkok

Enjoy the delights of Bangkok’s most famous river by taking a nighttime cruise along the Chao Phraya. This evening cruise takes two hours as you journey in comfort past some of the city’s most iconic attractions, which are beautifully lit up in the darkness. Enjoy dinner, drinks, and entertainment as you watch the city glide past.

4. From Bangkok: Ayutthaya Day Tour

Centuries ago, the ancient city of Ayutthaya was once the capital of the Kingdom of Siam. When Burmese invaders destroyed the city in the 18th century, the capital was moved to Bangkok, where it has remained ever since. Today, the crumbling ruins of Ayutthaya are a sight to marvel at, and an enjoyable trip into the past of Thailand.

Travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by bus on this tour, but after exploring the ruins of this lost city, return in style by boat along the expansive river that connects the two cities.

5. Kanchanaburi: River Kwai and Death Railway Tour from Bangkok

The River Kwai was brought to the world stage decades ago when the infamous Hollywood movie, the Bridge Over the River Kwai, drew international attention to the brutality that the Japanese subjected locals and prisoners of war to during World War II.

On this tour, you visit the Bridge Over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi, as well as visiting the war cemeteries and riding the so-called Death Railway that was constructed by the toils and labors of the unfortunate prisoners. It’s a moving tour, but one that can’t be missed.

6. Krabi: 4 Islands Day Trip by Speedboat

Travel to the coastal paradise of Krabi, a beautiful, remote and secluded place that will evoke all the images you have ever imagined of tropical Thailand.

From Krabi Town or one of the many nearby resorts, this tour will speed you away across the water to visit four of the best islands. Snorkel, swim and relax on pristine white sands.

7. Krabi: Full Day Rock Climbing Tours at Railay Beach

Krabi has become known as one of the world’s best rock climbing destinations thanks to the limestone karsts that tower over the beaches which are perfect for climbing.

If you are looking for a little adrenaline and adventure, this tour will equip you with the basic skills needed to tackle the easier cliffs in Krabi; cliffs that still give you epic views out over the beaches and the ocean.

8. Krabi Jungle Tour: Tiger Temple, Hot Springs, and Crystal Pool

Although Krabi is best known for its beaches and rock climbing, the destination has a lot more to offer.

This jungle tour takes you into the thick forest in search of the secrets hidden within.

Trek into the thick, humid jungle to the Tiger Temple before hiking to the natural hot springs, waterfalls, and crystal clear swimming holes in what will be an unforgettable adventure.

9. Khao Lak: Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island by Longtail Boat

Khao Lak is one of west coast Thailand’s most serene destinations. From this beachside paradise, this tour will take you by traditional longtail boats out into the nearby national parks, where you can explore the rugged scenery and beautiful limestone rocks.

Visit the spectacular Phang Nga Bay, where you can stop by at the local floating villages, where fishermen go about their daily lives as they have for centuries. Call in at nearby caves and pass by the mesmerizing James Bond Island – a distinctive limestone rock in the middle of the waterway that was used as the villain’s hideout by The Man With The Golden Gun in the James Bond film.

10. Similan Islands Early Bird Day Trip from Phuket or Khao Lak

The Similan Islands are an untouched gem in the Andaman Sea. From either Phuket or Khao Lak, this tour will transport you across the ocean to this beautiful collection of islands.

The tour leaves early to avoid the crowds and give you a longer time exploring.

Enjoy the wonderful beaches and clear waters, before snorkeling amongst pristine coral and searching for turtles and other marine life.

11. Phuket: Phi Phi, Maya, Bamboo, and Maiton Island Day Trip

From Phuket, head out across the ocean towards the beautiful islands of Phi Phi, Maya, Bamboo and Maiton.

These gorgeous destinations are simply stunning and you can discover just why so many travelers make the journey to the Thai islands each and every year.

Enjoy the sunshine, white sand beaches, and dramatic limestone cliffs that the region is famous for, before snorkeling in the ocean and relaxing on the islands.

12. Chiang Mai: Authentic Thai Cooking Class and Local Market Tour

Chiang Mai is the cultural heart of northern Thailand, and the city is well known as a culinary heaven too.

On this tour, learn how to prepare and cook some of the best Thai dishes, with local chefs offering first-hand tutoring and demonstrations.

13. Chiang Mai: 3 Hour Trek and 10 Kilometer White Water Rafting

Chiang Mai’s surrounding forests are a real adventure playground for adventurous travelers.

This full-on tour will take you into the jungle for a three-hour hike that leads you to a refreshing waterfall.

From here, you take to the rapids and white water raft for another 10 kilometers.

14. Full Day Hike and Bike at Doi Suthep Mountain National Park

From Chiang Mai, this tour will take you far out into the Doi Suthep Mountain National Park, where not only will you be greeted with incredible vistas of mountains and jungle, but you will have the opportunity to visit local hill tribes who have lived in these parts for centuries.

15. From Chiang Mai: White Temple and Golden Triangle Day Trip

On this tour, venture into the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Laos, and Burma all border one another.

Here, you will visit Chiang Rai to see the famous White Temple, as well as journeying along the Mekong River in a traditional boat.